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Installations and New Media Call For Entries

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Aug 3rd 2017

Deadline for entries Monday 18 September 2017

We are now inviting pre-submissions of proposals for large scale, installation and unrealised works. We encourage ambitious new artwork created specifically for the space, or existing artwork that is re-purposed for this exhibition. This includes, but is not restricted to:
  • Site specific and installation works
  • Work that requires specialist equipment for display, eg projectors
  • Any work requiring special conditions, eg a darkened room, a specially built structure...
  • Any work that requires alteration to be made to the fabric of the building
  • Work that requires special access due to its weight or size
  • Unrealised work that will be created specifically for the exhibition
  • Any other work that will require consultation and dialogue with the NGS
If your entry is an installation, film, performance, proposal for an unrealised work or a large scale work you can submit up to six images to describe the work. These can include sketches, reference material, descriptive text and images of past work. Proposals should be well-considered and clearly explained.
Submissions should be made through the online entry system.



You can save money on your entry fees by joining VAS today. VAS members can submit up to three works at no extra charge, compared with £15 for non-members. There are also further savings on hanging fees and commission rates for exhibited works, and loads of other perks of membership.


There will be a second open call for submissions for all other work opening on Monday 25 September and closing on Monday 6 November.