Inches Carr Mentoring Award winners 2019, Yellow Broom

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Jun 26th 2019

Inches Carr Award Winners 2019, Highland duo Yellow Broom, are six months into their exploration of Parian, a particular blend of porcelain slip with a unique translucency that lends itself well to Yellow Brooms' applications of light. They have overcome the distance between their own Grantown-on Spey based studio, and their mentor, Edinburgh based ceramicist Myer Haliday, by conducting meetings and consultations via Skype.

The designer / makers have been discussing the nature of Parian and its casting possibilities and how the material will work with Yellow Brooms proposed forms. Faceted block shapes are inspired by the unique architectural landscape of Reykjavik, stemming from Clare and Dave’s time in Iceland with Emergents and Applied Arts Scotland.

YB initially created a series of wooden masters in their highland studio which they shipped to Myer in Edinburgh. Working together on the design practicalities and aesthetics of a series of surface standing parian light blocks they are striving to convey YBs vision of clean, precise, flat angled surfaces, utilizing Myers own clean and minimal aesthetic, and his vast knowledge and expertise of the material.

Currently the threesome are working on the behavioral aspects of Parian as a material and a conductor of light and, much to Myers horror, the number of accurate flat surfaces YB require to cast their angular blocks in Parian. Myer is currently working to resolve the scale and technical implications of the molds and resolving issues around slumping and sagging of these flat surfaces during the high temperature firing process required to achieve optimum translucency. The team are also considering the need for a convex master mould that will shrink into a flat surface in the kiln at the required scale.

A number of working casts have been cast and fired, showing all makers clearly the areas to address in the ongoing exploration of scale, translucency, and the potential for retail production.

Entries for the next edition of the VAS : Inches Carr Award open on Tuesday 8 August 2019.