Hardship Funds for Visual Artists NOW OPEN

Oct 27th 2020

Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) are proud to announce a partnership with Creative Scotland to help deliver part of the £5m Creative Freelance Hardship Funding designated by the Scottish Government earlier this year. At this unprecedented time, Visual Arts Scotland are dedicated to helping the creative community and are committed to stand in solidarity through distributing funds to Visual Artists who are most in need of support. 

In August 2020, the Scottish Government announced that the culture and heritage sectors in Scotland were to benefit from a £59 million funding package to protect jobs and help the industry weather the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As part of this announcement £5m has been allocated to support hardship funding for creative freelancers in Scotland who are experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

VAS President Sarah Calmus says:

“Working with Creative Scotland to help deliver this fund allows us to continue supporting the creative community, following on from the Emergency Art Workers Support Fund (EAWSF) that we created in March 2020 in response to the financial uncertainty art workers began to face. Working to this scale by partnering with Creative Scotland means we can help support even more creatives who have been impacted by loss of work due to Covid-19, which means a great deal to us.”

Visual Arts Scotland will be inviting applications from Visual Artists based in Scotland who already have a URN from Creative Scotland from 2pm on Thursday 29th October. Visual Artists who intend to apply to our branch of the fund must receive a URN first from Creative Scotland.

Registration for the Visual Artists strand of the CS Hardship Fund are currently paused as set out in Creative Scotland guidance and in response to extremely high demand.  You will need to register for your URN from Creative Scotland in order to apply to the Visual Artists branch of the CS Hardship fund. Register for your URN here. This is to ensure those who require a little more time to register for a URN, have the opportunity to do so and can be prepared for when the portal to register opens again.

The Cabinet Secretary has announced an additional £3m for the Freelance Hardship Fund, so we can now confirm the additional allocation to Visual Arts Scotland to be added to the 40% of the fund which will be available again after 10th November. 

Please bear in mind, when you apply for your URN from Creative Scotland after that point, your requested amount from this fund will be reserved until completion of your application. This means there is no immediate rush to fill out your application, however we do suggest that you complete within 2 weeks of registering for your URN.

Our role as one of a handful of partners to this fund, will be to allocate financial support to those who apply identifying as Visual Artists. Other partners will be taking on the distribution of this fund to other practising areas, such as Makers and Crafts People. 

For more information about the EAWSF, please view our previous blog posts. A third and final round shall be made available to apply for early 2021. To keep up to date about Visual Arts Scotland opportunities, please sign up to our mailing list. 

For all press enquiries: visualartsscotlandpress@gmail.com

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