Graduate Showcase 2019 - Emelia Kerr Beale

Dec 1st 2019

This summer we visited Degree Shows across Scotland. We look for the emerging Artists, Designers & Makers whose work best exemplifies the fresh and dynamic approach to contemporary applied and fine arts which Visual Arts Scotland seeks to support.

From sixteen wonderful shortlisted Graduates we whittled the selection down to five aspiring artists who will form our 2019  Annual Exhbition Graduate Showcase.

We present our selected finalists, the fifth of whom is Emelia Kerr Beale - Edinburgh College of Art 

My practice utilises painting, sculpture, and printmaking to explore monumentality, phenomena and anxiety. By stretching and enlarging animal bodies beyond reality, an equine figure no longer signifies commemoration and grandeur; rather it nods to the awkward fragility of the body. By considering what happens when these figures are confined to a given space, (be it a room, a canvas, or the borders of a drawn frame) I create works that share my feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety, populated with beings that the viewer can empathise with.

Mythological and implied narratives weave throughout the work, with certain characters reoccurring, such as the long horse-like figure and the red comet. They share a quiet loneliness, existing in the same imagined world but never meeting. These mythological objects and images imply impossible narratives that defy logic and reject explanation. Yet in the end, they are brought down to earth with prosaic objects and domestic imagery, such as a chinmey, or a dog sleeping on a carpet.