Graduate Showcase 2019 - Brandon Logan

Dec 2nd 2019

This summer we visited Degree Shows across Scotland. We look for the emerging Artists, Designers & Makers whose work best exemplifies the fresh and dynamic approach to contemporary applied and fine arts which Visual Arts Scotland seeks to support.

From sixteen wonderful shortlisted Graduates we whittled the selection down to five aspiring artists who will form our 2019  Annual Exhbition Graduate Showcase.

We present our selected finalists, the first of whom is Brandon Logan - Edinburgh College of Art.


Brandons’ works are made by sealing warps of string with layers of paint, until the paint supports the string, and the string in turn supports the paint. Areas of string and paint are then cut away by hand, exposing an archaeology and leaving behind patterning which might nod to both decorative systems and systems of information, or language.  

This process is one of his own devising and is a relatively simple one, although he is only able to condense it into such terms now that he has come to know it and its capabilities intimately. The resultant works share something with the appearance of textiles or tapestries, being fluid in their composition and possessing a drape. Yet where a textile may be folded, worn – behave sociably, in short – the paintings have a built-in fragility which clearly marks them out as not for use. Nonetheless, the work does occupy a discomfiting space between object and artwork, craft and art, pointing outside of itself, perhaps to a broader lexicon which it might soon become part of or indeed be sliced away from.