BID - 24 hour Auction

Apr 25th 2020

BID was a 24-hour online auction launched on Friday 1st May 2020 via Jumblebee

This auction raised funds for the of the Emergency Art Workers Support Fund (EAWSF), following a successful first round which was generously supported by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham TrustInches Carr TrustCreative Edinburgh and Art North. EAWSF is a temporary relief fund that supports Creative Practitioners who have been impacted by COVID-19. It takes less than a week from the deadline for the funds to be transferred into the successful recipient’s bank account and as a result we have already helped 30 Creative Practitioners. ALL proceeds from the auction will be distributed through the EAWSF and the consequent support initiatives.

Sarah Calmus, VAS President said of B!D:  

“We are extremely grateful for donations of unbelievable work to this auction from an incredible selection of artists such as Callum Innes, David ShrigleyMartin BoyceRoss SinclairChristine BorelandKenny Hunter, Kristina ChanClaire Barclay and Barry McGlashan.  We feel BID and the EAWSF are real acts of creative solidarity and positivity at time where we clearly need to connect as a community more than ever. Artists supporting artists is alive and well. We hope it inspires people to support this cause so that we might help many more creatives and art workers facing difficult financial circumstances in these unprecedented times.” 

 B!D participating artists:

David Shrigley                       

Martin Boyce                                    

Christing Borland                              

Clare Barclay

Billy McCall                                        

David Fryer                                        

Otto Berchem                       

Andrew Mackenzie                           

Nicholas Carrick                                

Mary Morrison                                  

Alan Currall                                       

Dan Wilson (Withered Hand)

Inge Panneels                                                  

Ross Sinclair                                      

Robert Montgomery                        

Elaine Speirs                                      

Craig Mulholland                              

Sam Ainsley                                       

Chad McCail                                      

Emily Bates                                                                            

John Noble-Milner                            

Janie Nicoll                                                    

Angus Reid                                        

Gordon Dalton                                  

John Beagles (and Ramsey)  

Chris Buncall                                     

David McLaughlin                             

Aiden Stephens                                 

Mark Haddon                        

Kenny Hunter                        

Susie Leiper                       

Robbie Bushe                        

Barry McGlashan

Rowan Paton                        

David McLauglin                               

Sorcha Edward                                  

John Behm  

David Nash                                        

Callum Innes                                       

Catharine Davison                            

John Ayscough                                  

Liz Douglas                                    

Simon Greer                                   

Lyndsey Gilmour                             

Karen Purves                                  

Andrew Cranston                             

Paul Keir

Heather Lander

Kristina Chan


B!D raised over £20,000 to go to towards the next round of EAWSF.

With huge thanks to our supporters, donators, donating artists, our bidders, John Ayscough and all of our Council members who worked long hours to make this happen!

Image features clockwise: Callum Innes, Andrew Mackenzie, Claire Barclay. David Shrigley