ADJUST / ADAPT - Visual Arts Scotland


Dec 16th 2020


27 March 2021 - 24 April 2021

In partnership with the Scottish Furniture Makers Association

We are delighted to share our new digital exhibition Adjust / Adapt, featured as five individual “still life” compositions, captured by the exceptional Gabriela Silviera. Created by Scottish Furniture Makers Association in partnership with Visual Arts Scotland, this major new members exhibition, presented as part of the 2021 City Art Centre programme, celebrating the transformative power of creativity and craft to transcend challenging times. 

Adjust / Adapt explores how domestic interiors are being modified and enhanced in light of the pandemic, with home-working and home-schooling becoming the norm. Domestic and neighbourhood settings are changing and our homes and outdoor spaces are now working harder for occupants; as multigenerational sanctuaries, nurseries, workspaces, classrooms, gymnasiums, cinemas, restaurants.   

Adjust / Adapt showcases a diverse range of bespoke pieces and artworks, from an ‘isolation chair’ to a ‘love desk’ to assemblages of glassworks and ceramic sculptures. Each expertly crafted piece seeks to enhance the quality of life and provide a sense of uplift in the face of external pressures resulting from the ongoing pandemic. Many of the exhibits provide a focus on the use of sustainable materials - often locally sourced - in an effort to tackle the growing global climate crisis.

Invited VAS artists and makers: 

Lou davis


Rowan Paton


Fiona Rutherford


Roland Fraser


Molly Kent


Amanda Baron


Juli Bolaños-Durman


Julija Pustovrh


Felicity Bristow


Yellow Broom


Mella Shaw


Rhona Taylor


Anna Liebmann


Katie Rose Johnston - MANIFESTO


Image credit: Harry Jones Martin