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Scott Baxter

Scott Baxter
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I am interested in themes of virtual identity, performativity, sexuality, and the narrative forms of queer stories: how they are told, their myths, anecdotes and contexts.

The work I make combines a diversity of research that blends fact with fiction queering its narrative. My interdisciplinary practice includes auto-fictional prose, filmmaking, spoken-word performance, collage, painting and installation.

My current practice examines ideas of worship and icon status within queer sex. I am working on an open-ended series of gouache paintings on board that juxtapose queer expressions of sex and sexuality within religious art methodologies.

Website: http://scottbaxterartist.org
Instagram: @scott_baxter_artist and @walter_lewd
BA (Hons) First Class, Intermedia Art, Edinburgh College of Art, 2015.
Dip. Arch (Mackintosh), The Glasgow School of Art, 1994.
B’Arch (Hons), The Glasgow School of Art, 1993.

Edinburgh College of Art Scholarship, 2016
ECA College Research Award, 2016
The Barns-Graham Travel Award, 2015
The Katherine Michaelson Prize for Dissertation, 2015

Satellite @ Summerhall, Visual Arts Scotland, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2018
MESH - Lines of Inquiry, Exhibition Curator, Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr, 2017.
Flop Culture, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh, 2016.
New Scottish Artists 2016, The Fleming Collection, London, 2016.
RSA New Contemporaries 2016, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2016.
Shift and Spin, Stanley Mills, Stanley, Perthshire, 2015.
Square Egg, Whitespace, Edinburgh, 2015.
ALT., Bargain Spot, Edinburgh, 2015.
Not As Yet, Space Club, Edinburgh, 2014.
Urban Edinburgh: Turnstyles, Edinburgh, 2012.
Drouthy Cronies, Arts Complex, Edinburgh, 2011.

Performance Events:
Bored Games. Spoken-word performance, The Fifth Evening at the Whitespace Gallery, 2017.
Over. Spoken-word performance, The Fourth Evening at the Whitespace Gallery, 2017.
Ping! Spoken-word performance, Friday Talk Event, Edinburgh College of Art, 2017
Sade_Gimp_69, Monologue. Pollyanna, Paradise Palms, Edinburgh, 2015.

What do you want from me?, 2015.
Masquerade, 2014.

Visions of Flight, Rowanfield School, Edinburgh, 2014.
Splashing Out; The Water Foot-print of our Daily Lives. Trinity Academy, Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh, 2013.

Talks and Seminars:
Art Practice and Community Projects, Edinburgh Napier University, 2014.
Methods of Creative Practice, Edinburgh Napier University, 2014.
Queer Iocn (Detail 1)
  • Scott Baxter
  • Queer Iocn (Detail 1)
  • Acrylic
Queer Icon 1
  • Scott Baxter
  • Queer Icon 1
  • Acrylic
Queer Icon (Detail 3)
  • Scott Baxter
  • Queer Icon (Detail 3)
  • Acrylic
Feral Cratures 4
  • Scott Baxter
  • Feral Cratures 4
  • Digital print
Feral Creatures 5
  • Scott Baxter
  • Feral Creatures 5
  • Digital print
Feral Creatures 3
  • Scott Baxter
  • Feral Creatures 3
  • Digital print
Cyanotype Interior 1
  • Scott Baxter
  • Cyanotype Interior 1
  • Mixed Media
Photo Collage 1
  • Scott Baxter
  • Photo Collage 1
  • Collage