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Rowan Paton

Rowan Paton
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Considerations of materiality, mark making, colour and language characterise my work. Employing situation based, two and three dimensional practices, low tech media, appropriated and self made imagery, I create imagined spaces.

My work affords me a route to unpick timeless, persistent human challenges such as oppressive feelings of isolation, and seemingly immovable emotional obstacles. Landscape, and in particular, the mountain, provide a reference through which to explore these.
www.rowanpatonrisby.co.uk rowanpaton@outlook.com


Yale University School of Art, M.F.A Painting and Printmaking Edinburgh College of Art,

B.A. Hons Drawing & painting University Edinburgh,

Post Graduate Diploma Education


2018 Edinburgh Art Fair Detail Studio
2018 CURRENT Tatha Gallery
2018 Detail Framing 2018 Royal Scottish Academy Annual 2018 r e . p l a y Suttie Space, GHAT, Aberdeen
2018 Blueroof Gallery, Aberdeenshire
2018 SSA & VAS Together Open
2018 Blueroof Gallery, Aberdeenshire
2017 Detail, It's All In The Detail, Edinburgh
2017 Visual Artist Unit Annual, Glasgow
2017 RSA Summer Show
2017 Edinburgh Art Festival, as part of Place + Platform's Reject/Respond/Repurpose exhibition
2017 Rock Trust Postcard Exhibition, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2017 Before We Were Even Dreamed, Whitespace, with Andrew Phillips, Edinburgh 26th May-1st June
2017 DOK Artists Space, Death or Glory, as part of city wide Audacious Women Festival, Edinburgh
2016 DOK, Blueprint, Drawing show
2016 153rd RGI Annual, Glasgow

Aberdeen hospital Trust
Imagio Mundi - Benetton Collection catalogue 'Scotland'

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