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Iona Leishman

Iona Leishman
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When I work, it's the physical application of the medium, be it paint, charcoal, pastel or a heady combination of all of it that thrills me. As I relax and take risks with my colours and media, I am lead on by the flow of creation. The element of risk-taking, of losing the image and finding it again tests my trust in the process and makes me really work on a deep level. When I'm in this deep level, people, buildings, waterways and skies emerge as I further surrender and trust. When this happens I am shown worlds beyond worlds.
2019 Untitled Artists Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, London 31 May to 2 June

Solo Shows
2019 Solo show Salisbury Centre, Salisbury Road, Edinburgh
2018 Solo show Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
2017 Solo show The Sutton Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh
2015 Solo show ‘And Yet it Stands’, Chapel Royal, Stirling Castle
2014 Solo show ‘Warscape’ The National Trust for Scotland Battle of Bannockburn Centre and Chapel Royal, Stirling Castle
2013 ‘Catastrophe to Crown’ Chapel Royal, Stirling Castle
2013-2014 Anderson Strathern Solicitors, Edinburgh

2011-2012 Historic Environment Scotland, Stirling Castle
2012-2015 Cowane’s Hospital, Stirling

University of Stirling
Historic Environment Scotland
National Scotland for Scotland
51st Infantry Brigade Scotland

Scottish Government, Atlantic Quay, Glasgow
New Moon Riders
  • Iona Leishman
  • New Moon Riders
  • Mixed Media
Vivid Day, Mull from Traigh Ban, Iona
  • Iona Leishman
  • Vivid Day, Mull from Traigh Ban, Iona
  • Mixed Media
Stirling's Top of the Town
  • Iona Leishman
  • Stirling's Top of the Town
  • Mixed Media
Of Another Time and Space
  • Iona Leishman
  • Of Another Time and Space
  • Mixed Media
Spirit Forest
  • Iona Leishman
  • Spirit Forest
  • Mixed Media
Places of Greater Safety
  • Iona Leishman
  • Places of Greater Safety
  • Mixed Media