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Ruth Gilmour

Ruth Gilmour
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Ruth Elvira Gilmour makes objects and jewellery in response to materials, processes and texture. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art with her project "Nothing is Solid," Ruth's cross disciplinary research approach exhibits objects, photography, moving image, soundscapes and literatures influenced by Icelandic, Scandinavian and Scottish terrains and waters.

Expressions in porcelain, steel, plastic and gold explores our relationship with the earth, its resources, and our transitioning geosphere’s response to human influence and manipulation. Extruded cylindrical, hollow forms compose wearable and ambiguous artefacts that explore humanity’s reliance on pipelines to carry, contain, link, preserve and transport matter. Considering natures of time, inherent displacement and our responsive environment, the perceived beauty and fragility of porcelain is pushed to it limits as its malleable body tolerates textures caused by deep excavations and consistent ruptures.

Untitled artefacts are arranged in compositions, revealing soothing, meditative textures with occasional disruptive and alarming surfaces in hope of enacting that which is perceived to be silent and encouraging experiences of the sublime.

From September 2017, Ruth will reside and work in Denmark where she will be an artist in residence at Kolding Design School.

2017, First class BA [hons], Jewellery and Silversmithing, Glasgow School of Art

2017, Artist in Residence, Kolding Design School, Denmark
2016, Exchange student, HDK, Gothenburg

Group Exhibitions

2017, Materialise, Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, Online (Upcoming)
2017, New Designers, Business Design Centre, London
2017, Degree show, GSA, Glasgow
2016, Elements, Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh
2016, Showroom, HDK, Gothenburg
2016, Feminist Strategies, A-venue, Gothenburg
2015, Pace Maker, GSA, Glasgow
2014, Saltmarket, St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh
2012, Colour, GSA, Glasgow
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