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Jana Emburey

Jana Emburey
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Jana’s work mainly explores the concept of time perception, memory, inter-connectivity and human condition. Her work is informed by the close relationship of everything in nature, reflected and replicated in a multitude of ways.

Although she likes to explore various media, intricate, cell-like ink drawings on Japanese paper, sometimes combined with painting is what she has been mostly concentrating on for the past few years, creating a body of work under the name of Sweet Oblivion. These delicate and labour intensive drawings represent human as well as any other cells/particles found in nature and show the connection of everything around and within us.
BA Hons Visual Art, (1st Class Honours) 2012
BA Art and Design, 2011

​Selected Exhibitions
Solo exhibition at &Gallery in Edinburgh from 3rd to 28th November 2018

Brown's Gallery: Twenty Fifth Anniversary - Twenty Five Artists, 24th September to 15th October 2018

2018 (23rd June to 25th July) - RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh
2017 (3rd - 6th November) - Art Rooms Four, Ione & Mann, London
2017 (2nd - 23rd December) - Group Exhibition, &Gallery, Edinburgh

2017 (22nd July - 1st October) - RSA Summer Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2017 (June - August) Art Rooms, Summer Selection, Ione & Mann, London
2017 - Affordable Art Fairs with the Cube Gallery (Brussels, London, New York)
​2017 - Works on Paper, Cube Gallery, London
2017 - Ablaze, Cube Gallery, London

2016 - 2017, Half-Light, monochromatic touring exhibition, St Fergus Gallery, Wick
2017, The Art Gallery in Thurso Library
2017, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

2016 Gallery Different with the Vitruvian Arts Consultancy, London
2016 Vedo Corporate Art Exhibition, Gallery Different, London
2016 The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, 153rd Open Annual Exhibition, Glasgow
2016 FLY 2016, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 119th SSA Annual Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh
2016 Art Rooms, Ione and Mann, London
2016 Converge, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 The 118th SSA Annual Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2015 House for the Art Lover, Glasgow
2015 Empire, curated by Gayle Nelson PSSA and Alan Bond SSA, Montrose
2015 The Cut of Your Jib, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis
2015 ART STAGE Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
2014 117th SSA Annual Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
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