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Harriet Abbott

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My practice exists as a process of research and writing and has recently been informed by a study of Object Oriented Philosophy, and Timothy Morton’s ‘Hyperobjects’. I make work when it feels necessary to attempt physically manifesting a particular idea. The ideas have recently become of an esoteric nature and attempt to answer philosophical questions relating to the phenomenological gap between language and object. Is an object truth just because it is material? I toy with the sign/signified dialogue and often find writing/langauge the most adequate translation of my own philosophical theories. I consider this translation then, a movement beyond material. The resultant work is emotive; it exists in longing of ‘that which is not here’. There is a thins/slightness of presence, encouraged by obsolescence. The work is perpetually dissolving, and is about something that has changed, and continues to change.
-University of the Arts London, Central St. Martins. Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. (Distinction) 2015-2016.
-Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking BA (Hons) at the Glasgow School of Art. 2016-2019.
-Once more from the top, a group exhibition at The Old Hairdressers (Glasgow), 7th March 2017.
-Series 2, Glasgow School of Art, McLellan Galleries, 19th-20th April 2017.
-Cahoot, Lauriseton Arches (Glasgow), 25th May 2017.
-Something Like That, The Glue Factory (Glasgow) 23rd March 2018.
Lithography Stone and Plaster Replica
  • Harriet Abbott
  • Lithography Stone and Plaster Replica
  • Mixed Media
  • Harriet Abbott
  • Mixed Media
Residual Ripple (Porcelain)
  • Harriet Abbott
  • Residual Ripple (Porcelain)
  • Paper
Metal/Porcelain (29x40cm)
  • Harriet Abbott
  • Metal/Porcelain (29x40cm)
  • Mixed Media