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Deirdre Macleod

Deirdre Macleod
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As a city-dweller, for the most part I live my life at ground level. While the planner and the architect might prefer an aerial view, I look upwards, seeing the city obliquely and often out of the corner of my eye. I gain, and then lose, sight of parts of the sky as buildings are demolished and replaced. I delight in skeletal, steel construction frames that wait for solid form; when building begins, I mourn the loss of the emptiness that seemed so full of something. Scaffolding contains and measures space geometrically and mathematically. Almost abstract in form, it makes open space visible...temporarily...and becomes the material from which I construct my own urban fictions.

Drawing and making are key parts of my practice. I often work iteratively between 2D pencil drawings on large-format paper and small 3D constructed drawings made of wood, card or Perspex. While the 2D and 3D drawings are closely related, my constructions are neither models for drawings on paper, nor three-dimensional renderings of two-dimensional images. Rather, my constructions are haptic objects; intermediate forms that act as bridges between unreachable urban structures and human experience of them from the ground. They emerge from my need to see, explore and imagine the city through touch.
Feb-March 2016 Drawing on Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art (invited Graduate artist)
February 2016 Gather, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh
Jan-Feb 2016 Converge 2016: Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition
November 2015 From The Ground Up, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh (solo show)
Sept-Oct 2015 Curved Stream, Traquair House, Innerleithen, Scottish Borders (group show with Gordon Brennan, Paul Keir, Andrew Mackenzie, Jane Hyslop, Mary Morrison, Ken Cockburn, Mark Haddon)
May 2015 Hidden Door Festival 2015, Old Street Lighting Depot, Edinburgh
May- Aug 2015 City of Edinburgh International Showcase, UNESCO Creative City Shenzhen, China
February 2015 Artist's Bookmarket, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
December 2014 Idiographic Paintings, Dept of Psychiatry, Edinburgh Univ. (solo permanent show)
November 2014 Bookmarks, Artists' Book Fair, Edinburgh College of Art
September 2014 London Artists' Book Fair, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
May-June 2014 Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art
Mar-April 2014 Hidden Door Festival 2014, East Market Street Vaults, Edinburgh
Nov-Dec 2013 The Model, Edinburgh College of Art
May 2013-Dec 2014 Anne Rowling Clinic for Regenerative Neurology, University of Edinburgh

Artist's talks
March 2016 Drawing on Drawing, artist’s talk to School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art
October 2015 Curved Stream, artist’s talk with Andrew Mackenzie, Traquair House, Innerleithen.
March 2014 Tuesday Talks, with Tim Dodds, Edinburgh College of Art

Awards and residencies
2016 Gane Trust Visual Arts Award
2016 Gather residency, Edinburgh Palette, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh
2015 Hope Scott Trust Visual Arts Award
2014 Andrew Grant Bequest Scholarship
2013 Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Prize

2014 BA (Hons) Painting, First Class, University of Edinburgh
1992 MSc (Soc Sci) European and International Politics, with Distinction, University of Edinburgh
Oblique 1
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • Oblique 1
Oblique 2
  • Deirdre Macleod
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From The Ground Up
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • From The Ground Up
From The Ground Up
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • From The Ground Up
Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2016
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2016
Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2016
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2016
Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2015
  • Deirdre Macleod
  • Skeletal Drawing (sodium vapour) 2015