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David Iain Brown

David Iain Brown
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Art student currently studying an MA in Fine art at Gray's School of Art, after completing my undergraduate degree last year also at Gray's School of Art. My work goes between painting and printmaking with a new found love for laser cutting and other digital processes. Primarily using drawing as the starting point the work goes between the digital and analogue world, this is where i find my practice leaning towards. I want to find a balance between both realms to create a hybrid practice.

MFA - Gray's School of Art. 2018.

BA Hons - Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking). Gray's School of Art. 2017.


2018. Gallery Opening,The Blue Roof Gallery, Oyne
2017. Beyond the Studio, BP Atrium Gallery, Dyce.
2017. The Blue Roof Gallery Opening, Oyne.
2017. Best Of Degree, Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow.
2017. New Generation, Compass Gallery, Glasgow.
2017. Degree Show, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen.
2017. Pre-Degree Show, Hatch, Aberdeen.
2017. Whatever Sticks, K u k u Klubi, Below Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.
2016. BASE Collective Presents: Exposure', Humbolt State University, Student Access Gallery, California, USA.
2016. Dressed In Grey, SWG3, Glasgow.
2016. Pomegranite: Three's Company', Cellar 35, Aberdeen.
2016. A View of The Bridge, Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen.
2016. Drawing In Response Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen.
2016. BASE Collective Presents: Exposure', Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen.
2016. Rapid, AU Gallery, Brunnengasse, Vienna.
2016. Penultimate, Peacocks Visual Arts, Aberdeen.
2015. Pomegranite: The Second Coming, Bottle Cap Company, Aberdeen.
2015. Meraki, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen.
2015. Three Words, The Academy, Aberdeen.
Mini Shetland Series
  • David Iain Brown
  • Mini Shetland Series
  • Painting
Blue Sky Day
  • David Iain Brown
  • Blue Sky Day
  • Painting
Shadow Formation
  • David Iain Brown
  • Shadow Formation
  • Painting
The Elbow of Shetland
  • David Iain Brown
  • The Elbow of Shetland
  • Painting
Costal Curves
  • David Iain Brown
  • Costal Curves
  • Painting
The Lone Seasick
  • David Iain Brown
  • The Lone Seasick
  • Painting
Island in the Dark
  • David Iain Brown
  • Island in the Dark
  • Painting