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Annie Mulvey

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I present its experiences, rituals and traditions passed through my manipulation of material, and process. My practice plays with the role of experience in an individual through the natural reaction of memory recall and the cultural memory that is buried into each of our bones.

it's manipulated.

I'm toying with the obsessive ideals within the human aspect of remembering, accentuating the parade of tradition and ritual within the community.

They are collided, through the brute force of this communal obsession with the past in the present. However manipulated it may be.


In reading and in experiencing a narrative of an event, I gain an image. This image gets repeated, and melted to an extreme until I have only a speck of the initial form engraved onto the form I currently see.

Through repetition, and an interest in moving a material to its boundaries, to encompass a specific narrative, the form again changes.

An area with a history.
The Merse Lands.

This is my way of letting go.
ANNIE MULVEY: living and working in Aberdeen.
b.1993 Scottish Borders
2011-2013 BTEC Extended Diploma Art and Design; Scottish Borders College, Galashiels.
2013-2017 BA(Hons) Painting; Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen.

2012,2013 End of Year Show, Scottish Borders College, Galashiels, UK.
2014 Snaffles Cafe, Manderson House, Duns, UK.
2015 Skotsko@ Menada, Skopje, FYROM.
2015 SPD Painting Exhibition, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, UK.
2015 offset 57: NOPRESHA, Ruthrieston Community Centre, Aberdeen, UK
2015 ‘Basement62’, Basement Exhibition, South Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, UK
2016 Rapid, AU, Vienna, AT
2016 Intranaut, Rosemount Community Centre, Aberdeen, UK.
2017 Whatever Sticks, Kuku Klubi, Tallinn, EE
2017 Pre-Degree Show,Edinburgh Palette, St. Margarets House, Edinburgh, UK
2017 Degree Show, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, UK.
2018 upcoming RSW Annual Exhibition, RSA, The Mound, Edinburgh, UK

2015 Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK.
Setting up CONTINUUM exhibition
2016 Painters 2016, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, UK
2016, 2017 Look Again Festival, Aberdeen, UK.
Inc. Artist’ assistant (Shelagh Brown), Performing live with Pester and Rossi at the opening 2017.
2017 Painters 2017, Aberdeen, UK.
2017 The Painter’s Pre-Degree Show, Edinburgh Palette, Edinburgh, UK.

2017 George Davidson Art Trust Scholarship
2017 Shortlisted – Visual Art Scotland.
Borrowing From the Merse Lands, Unlawful Reminders
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Borrowing From the Merse Lands, Unlawful Reminders
  • Mixed Media
Upturned Bridges on the Bounds
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Upturned Bridges on the Bounds
  • Mixed Media
Marmion II
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Marmion II
  • Painting
An Elegy of a Sugar Coated Cist
  • Annie Mulvey
  • An Elegy of a Sugar Coated Cist
  • Mixed Media
Funny Bones
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Funny Bones
  • Painting
Five Bricks Under the Pebble Dash
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Five Bricks Under the Pebble Dash
  • Painting
For Home
  • Annie Mulvey
  • For Home
  • Painting
  • Annie Mulvey
  • Study
  • Drawing