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Adelaide Shalhope

Adelaide Shalhope
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I'm a contemporary abstract artist working with a variety of materials, including photographs, found natural and human made objects, paper, paint, ink, graphite, etc. I follow a spontaneous exploration with my materials as I'm curious to see what relationships are formed through this process. I'm interested in surprises, accidents, mistakes, and imperfections, as these are the places where in life we learn what we most need to learn, and where our experience is at its richest. It is where beauty and joy truly live.

My current work "Permission" is a series of mixed media collages on paper formed by creating large scale expressive paintings which are deconstructed - cut and torn, painted again, cut again, etc. until they are a 'whole of parts and parts of a whole' - layers of meaning in a well explored life.

1999 Certificate in Interior Design, Inchbald School of Design, London, UK

1995 M.Ed, Creative Arts in Learning, Lesley University, Cambridge, USA

1986 B.F.A. Theater Studies, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA

2017 Explorations in Abstraction, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow UK

2008 Fashion as Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

2018 Forth Valley Open Studios

2015 'Fusion' Gallery 23, Lancaster, UK

2014 'Arctic Resonance' - Exhibition of abstract photographs with Helen Grove-White, The Music Room, Lancaster, UK

2014 'Materiality' Ann Street Gallery, New York, USA

2011 Forth Valley Open Studios, UK

2011 'Wrapped Up' Gallery 23, Lancaster, UK

2006 'French Open', The French Library, Boston, USA

2005 Fort Point Channel Open, C Duell Arts, Boston, USA

2001 Solo Show, Shaw Cramer Gallery Vineyard Haven, USA

Harvard University

Skotsolv, Norway
Cambridge, US
New York City, US
Princeton, US
Chilmark, US
London, UK

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'Time To Go'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'Time To Go'
  • Collage
'Please Take Me With You'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'Please Take Me With You'
  • Collage
'Moving Along'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'Moving Along'
  • Collage
'The Perils of Childhood'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'The Perils of Childhood'
  • Collage
'Do Not Open Until Your Birthday'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'Do Not Open Until Your Birthday'
  • Collage
'Hey Kiddo'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'Hey Kiddo'
  • Collage
'We Will Not Be Left Behind'
  • Adelaide Shalhope
  • 'We Will Not Be Left Behind'
  • Painting